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Trojanteam Swaggameister

Yacheero's Vando Vandero At Rafthouse (Imp.Estonia)
Trojanteam 'R' Billie
VWD: Clear
PHPV: Clear
Hips: 4:5

Swagga is staying here at Trojanteam to join our ever expanding brood. 

Trojanteam R Billie

 CH Yacheero's Pando Pandero

Yacheero's Black Orchidia

Landsbrook Zany Zeta

Landsbrook Felicity

Yacheero's Vando Vandero
At Rafthouse

Jojavik You Dance I dance

Yacherros's Dero Descaro

Odette Hani Red Del Rio Bianco

Livonjias Baron Heart Of Hamlet

Phantasy De Grande Vinko

Jowendys Robin The Hood

Marcavie Rythem N Dance from Khaneve

Hikays Rain Man


Swagga is proven and left are some of his puppies.  If you are intersted in using him at stud please contact us. 

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