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Upcoming litters 2016                                          

Trojanteam The Dictator


Vwd Clear
PHPV Clear
Hips TBA

Trojanteam R Bobbie

Phpv Clear
Hips TBA


Trojanteam Puppies

Our litters are raised with 24 hr care and come with maximum socalisaton around other dogs and children under 12 years which is paramount as pups then become accustomed to a family enviroment. They come Kennel Club Registered, 5 generation pedigree, puppy pack and food they have been raised on. Life time breeder support is only a phone call / email away. To protect our bloodlines our puppies have breeding restrictions on them,rarely are these lifted,if we are happy with your bitch and think she is a good example of our breed in type temperment,and most importantly she has been health tested we may lift but its on very rare occassions,as we do not like people too breed our girls willie nillie just for the sake of it,here we take great pride in our stock and breed too improve  our lines through generations,our bitches will not be bred from before the age of  two/half years of age.


When looking for your next puppy be sure to check for the parents health results, all are available on the KC website. We have provided the links in our health section. There are many people still putting unhealth tested dogs together with no afterthought to to what can happen.


All our puppies are have NATURAL tails. It is AGAINST the law to dock and has been since 2007, there are exceptions to the rules but these are for gundogs only and not Dobermanns. It is not possible to buy a UK bred puppy with a docked tail, if you find a litter who is docked please report them to the RSPCA.

Please see below for our upcoming litters

Dec 2012 Litter
Nov 2013 litter
Dobermann Litters
Min Pin Litters

Trojanteam R Bobbie

 Trojanteam The Bradster

Trojanteam Bootee Buble

Trojanteam R Billie

Landsbrook Zany Zeta

Trojanteam The Dictator

Yacheero's Vando Vandero
At Rafthouse

CH Onlee Mister Insistence

Trojanteam Shake Ya Booty

Jakartas Jet Li

Trojanteam Bootee Duet

CH Yacheero's Pando Pandero

 CH Yacheero's Black Orchdia

Jojavik You Dance I dance


**Min Pin**

Trojanteam Pixie Boy

Trojanteam Dainty Dizzles


Born 30th October


4 black girls

1 red boy

2 red boys 

1 red girl

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