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All health results can be found directly on the Kennel Club Website via the Mate Select program.  Please click on the logo to be taken to the web page.

These are the following tests available too dobermanns at present.

Dcm - 1 gene test exists but only tests for one of the possible hundreds causing it. Troponin blood tests are available which measure the stress hormone of the heart and echo/Holter exams are also possible. All of these give a snap shot of the heart at the time of testing and if a clear result is given it is only valid for that point in time, it does not rule out the dog developing DCM at a later date.
Vwd - This is tested with swab which is sent too laboratory for DNA analysis. This will determine clear/carrier/affected result, blood tests were once done by vets however are inconclusive and results not to be relied upon. Only clear or Carrier animals should ever be produced from matings. A dog which is Affected will not have enough clotting factor in the blood and something as simple as a bang on the side which would normally just bruise would cause internal bleeding due to a failure to clot. If you suspect your dog is VWD affected please DNA test them so your vet may be aware and precautions taken if any surgey is needed.
Hips - once over 12 months of age a dogs hips are x-rayed and this then sent off to the BVA pannel for examination and grading. The lower the score the lower the chance of Hip Displasia developing. As a breed Dobermanns have generally good hips but because of them being a large breed its reccomended that hips are scored as regular breeding practice.
Phpv - This is a eye condition where the clear jelly at the back of the eye can be hazy, it is a conjenical condition and would be present from birth. Although not massivily provelent in Dobermanns is is recomended that dogs for breeding are tested.

Hyperthyroidism - Having a low functioning thyriod can effect different dogs in differnet ways and it is thought that it is a heridiatary problem with subsquent generations suffering from it. Dogs with a poor coat, over weight, sensative to the cold, snappy character should be tested for hypothyroisim with a routine blood test and if found to be low can be supplimented with sythetic thyroxin and will continue to have a normal life.

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